Strong earthquake hits India, Nepal, Tibet-ufo india best.

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GAUHATI, India (AP) — The death toll from a strong earthquake that shook a Himalayan region straddling India, Nepal and China climbed to 30 on Monday as authorities tried to reach remote, mountain communities to assess the full extent of damage.

The 6.9-magnitude quake Sunday evening triggered landslides, damaged buildings and sent people rushing into the streets. The epicenter was in India's Sikkim state near borders with Nepal and China's Tibet region, but the shaking was felt across northern and eastern India and to the south in Bangladesh.
The quake killed at least seven people in India's Sikkim state and injured more than 50, said the state's top official, Chief Secretary Karma Gyatso. The north Indian state of West Bengal reported six deaths, and Bihar state reported three.

In China, at least seven people were confirmed dead and 22 hurt in southern Tibet, the official Xinhua News Agency said. It did not immediately give any details.

Nepal's government said seven people died there, including two men and a child who were killed when a brick wall toppled outside the British Embassy in the capital, Katmandu. Nearly 70 people were injured, some of them seriously, and were in hospitals across the city.
Much of the damage was not immediately known because the region is sparsely populated, with many people living in remote areas now cut off by mudslides triggered by the quake, Sikkim state police Chief Jasbir Singh told The Associated Press.

TV broadcasters showed footage of buildings buckled, sidewalks cracked and two major roads collapsed in Sikkim's state capital of Gangtok, 42 miles (68 kilometers) southeast of the quake's epicenter near the border with Nepal. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police said two of its buildings had collapsed in Gangtok.
Small army columns fanned out across the city of some 50,000 overnight to search for anyone pinned under fallen debris.

"We have sounded a high alert. Police are on the streets in Gangtok and other major towns," Gyatso said.
Electricity and some phone service was interrupted in the area.
Gyatso said paramilitary soldiers worked through the night Sunday trying to clear the national highway blocked at two places due to landslides.

Power lines snapped in the West Bengal cities of Darjeeling and Kalimpong, which "are now in total darkness," state Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said, according to Press Trust of India.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh summoned the National Disaster Management Authority for an emergency meeting.

The region has been hit by major earthquakes in the past, including in 1950 and 1897.
In neighboring Nepal and Bangladesh, the quake Sunday night sent residents rushing out of their homes, offices and shopping centers.

In Katmandu, members of Parliament who were debating the national budget ran out of the assembly hall into a parking area. They returned 15 minutes later and resumed their session.

The quake was also felt as far as the Indian capital, with New Delhi residents also rushing out of shaking buildings. The quake caused some houses in China's Himalayan region of Tibet to collapse and disrupted a border county's telecommunications services, Xinhua said.

There were at least two aftershocks of magnitude 6.1 and 5.3, Indian seismology official R.S. Dattatreyan said. He warned more aftershocks were possible.

Reference: Yahoo news

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News World's longest finger Nails

News World,s longest finger Nails
NEW YORK (AP) — Chris Walton has been working on her fingernails for 18 years. And it's finally paying off.Guinness World Records named Walton the woman with the longest fingernails on Wednesday,introducing "The Dutchess" and her nails at an event in New York City.

The Las Vegas woman helped kick off the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records book, which goes on sale later this month.

Walton's nails measure 10-feet-2-inches on her left hand and 9-feet-7-inches on her right hand. She said she does her own nails and makeup and does household chores even though her nails twist and turn."I hate all the cleaning, but I do it. And the makeup, I only wear so much," said Walton, who has also been working on a singing career while raising a family.

The previous record holder for longest nails was Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City, according to the Guinness World Records website. Redmond's nails measured a total 28 feet in 2008 but she lost her nails in a car crash the following year, the site said.

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China and India both know about underground UFO INDIA base in the Himalayan.

China and India both know about underground UFO INDIA base in the Himalayan.ufoindiabest
Kongka La is the low edge pass in the Himalayas .It is in the uncertain India-China border area in Ladakh. In the map the red zone is the doubtful area still under Chinese manage in the Aksai Chin area. The Chinese held northeastern division is known as Aksai Chin and Indian South West is known as Ladakh. This was where Indian and Chinese army fought key war in 1962. The area is one of the least accessed areas in the world and by accord the two countries do not patrol that part of the border. According to many tourists, Buddhist monks and the neighboring people of Ladakh, Indian Army and Chinese Military uphold the line of control. But there is something much more serious occurrence in this area.

According to the few local’s people on the Indian and Chinese side, this is where the UFOs are seen approaching out of the ground, According to many, the UFO underground bases are in this area and both the Indian and Chinese Government know this very well.

Lately, some Hindu pilgrims on their way to Mount Kailash from the Western pass, came transversely strange lights in the sky. The local guides as in the Chinese territory told them that this was not anything new and is a normal occurrence from Kongka Pass area the tensed border between India and China. This strange lighted triangular silent crafts illustrate up from underground and moves almost vertically up. Some of the audacious pilgrims wanted to look into the site. They were first twisted by the Chinese guard posts as they were refused entry from the Chinese side and then when they tried to approach the site from Indian side, the Indian border patrol also twisted them down in spite of their authorize to travel between the two countries.

The pilgrims at that period started quizzing the Indian border petrol staff. According to them, the safety workers told them that they are prepared not to allow any one near the area of attention and it is true that bizarre objects come out from under the ground with greater than before and modulate lights. India’s Special Forces and possible visit the area by intelligence agencies.

The locals start smiling in that area when they are asked about these UFO sightings. According to them the extra-terrestrial occurrence is well known and is in deep into the ground. They believe neither the Indian nor Chinese Governments want to interpret in the fact for some reason. When they carry up thus matter to local Governments, they are told to keep calm. This is the region where the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate have bent convergent plate borders. Convergent plate borders are shaped where one plate dives beneath another. Thus this is one of the very few areas in the world where the deepness of the crust twice as much as in other places. The opposite is originate in hot spots like Yellow Stone National Park in America where the earth’s crust in thin.

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Reference: Yahoo news